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Living deliberately

Or dying in the attempt

The Happy Misanthrope And Facet Of The Gestalt
18 September
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A Story About A Girl

Once upon a time there was a girl, who was not quite a girl, but not really a little boy either. The little girl liked reading, and she liked adventure stories. The little girl liked dragons and she liked wolves and she liked the idea of flying, that there was something above where she was.

The little girl was in love with the Grand Narratives of Fantasy and Heroics. With Love, Life and Art. She never forgot these stories, and later she would eventually write her own.

One of these stories was about a chicken. A chicken called Dave.

The girl continues to write and to enjoy the stories she once did. But now she is called fen and lives in a land called fandom where the trees can be any colour you want, where dragons and wolves and all sorts of wonderful things can be real.

In her world, the lamb and the wolf might lie down together, but she's more interested in the man and the man. Or the woman and the woman. Or the man and the woman. In her world, moral ambiguity is a thing of great treasure. In her world, the blades are sharp and clever as tongues, the music bright and the ending never clear-cut or simple. She likes it that way.

She also likes, in no particular order: funny books, thunderstorms, running, fast cars and fairgrounds, music you can lose your heart and soul to, headskritches, chains, leather, knives, not writing in nice new notepads, collecting pens, fans (the blowing cold air kind) and her pet tortoise, Meredith, her pet turtle, Jeannie, and her gay gerbils Peter and Nathan.

She went to university, where she could study literature, philosophy, history, language and all the things that lay beneath in a more respectable way. She might have graduated, but she hasn't stopped looking.

She takes things both terribly seriously... and terribly un-seriously. She is quite prepared to both sit and think and talk about matters earnestly for hours... and then go home and mock them all. She does not think parody should always be seen as an insult, but often as the highest form of flattery of all. This includes herself, but she insults herself often enough that you really don't need to join in unless you have a particularly stunning insult.

She also does IT for a living. Mostly.

She is far too amused about being a government employee, and one working for the Ministry of Justice. Ministry of Injustice, as we all know they name them for the opposite of their true purpose. She isn't supposed to be doing all the IT work, but somehow is anyway.

And she's also doing something useful for society at large, and slowly spreading those horrible unwelcome diseases of Efficiency and Organisation. One person at a time.

Soon, the world will be hers.


The Paper Chain

The girl has a website where you can read more about her or even read her work and watch her music videos. The archive even has its own rss feed.

The site she shares with the other half of the Gestalt, sometimes known as alinak. The Gestalt is an entity of unequal height, but surprisingly correlated mind. For the convenience of others on this plane of existence, the Gestalt occasionally acts as two individuals.


The Noticeboard of Thoughts

LiveJournal Haiku!
Your name:davechicken
Your haiku:thinkers tend to think
about other people and
grin inanely
Created by Grahame

Even the devil can quote scripture to suit his needs.

We chorus folk two privileges prize; to amuse you, citizens, and to advise - The Wasps, Aristophanes

Times are bad. Children no longer obey their parents and everyone is writing a book - M. T. Cicero

I must rejoice beyond the bounds of time... though the world may shudder at my joy, and in its coarseness know not what I mean - Jan Van Ruysbroeck

I went to the woods because I wanted to live deliberately, I wanted to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life, To put to rout all that was not life and not when I had come to die Discover that I had not lived - Henry David Thoreau

Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind - Dr Seuss


The Postscript

We all have our flaws, and hers include a liking of writing in the third person, a tendancy to curse like a trooper (something she actually learned from them, ironically enough), a tendancy towards using her journal as a place to say her piece. Over and over.

By nature an open person, she has yet to fully understand the concept of TMI. She has, however, mastered the lj-cut and friends-only post. Friend at your own peril, for dragons and memes lie beneath. That and work/family/health related woes. Consider yourself warned. She does not plan on changing this any time soon. NB: If you do add her and want to be added back, it's wise to drop her a message/comment/carrier pigeon as she's fed up of checking through Russian spam-bots.

Should you just want to read her fic and watch her vids, she will not be offended if you ask not to be on her private filters, or not to be friended in return. But you might also consider friending the rss feed for her archive.

She is not, however, an uncontrollably horrible monster - or so she has been assured - so don't be too afraid. Though friends bearing cookies are appreciated...

That is all.

Fandom Note: She also wanders in and out of fandoms at will, and has been known to fic when the mood strikes, and more often RP. You may see her playing, in no particular order: Rodney McKay, Ethan Rayne, Dr. Horrible, Severus Snape, Kronos, The Metatron, Jack O'Neill and any number of other muses. She is very happy to RP!


NB: If anything should happen, the following people have my contact information and can be reached if necessary: alinak, annette4angel and cruaich.

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